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Letter Of Authorization SC KIDS RETAL CONCEPT SRL 2024

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We, Guangzhou Kerlyon Medical Technology Co, ltd, registered under number 91440101MA9YOA2F7K at the address A03, Room 505, No. 68, Fengle Middle Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, zip code 510799, China,

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SC KIDS RETAL CONCEPT SRL, registered at the Romanian Trade Registry under no J40/954/2013, CIF RO31146252, with headquarters in Drm Gura Fagetului nr 4A, Mun. BucharestSector 3, Romania as the importer, authorized distributor exclusive rights to sell the product on the Romanian market and at the same time we empower them with full rights to protect the interests of our company in terms of property rights intellectual property related to the product from the nasal aspirators category and identified as model and design with registration number 008869820-0001, model and design registered at the level of the European Union.

Authorization from other Romanian companies will be cancelled during this period.

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