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baby nasal irrigation

Fly baby Nose syringe baby pipette high-quality silicone baby nose cleaner children's cleaning syringe (2 pieces colored syringe), washable syringe head, newborn nose cleaner

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[Hygiene and Health] ? Cleaning the nose is very important for infants and young children. Our product "silicone" baby pipette meets European standards and can reduce nasal congestion. Nasal washing for children is helpful to avoid nasopharyngitis, Otitis media, especially bronchiolitis and other infections. The French Ministry of Health's Senior Administration strongly recommends nasal washing.

[Breathing and sleeping better] ? A fly baby nasal syringe that dilutes mucus, promotes its natural clearance, and releases the nose in the event of congestion. Use our "Magic Solution" silicone nasal syringe to clean your child's nose, which helps reduce symptoms related to nasal congestion and allows him to breathe freely while sucking or taking a bottle.

[Easy to carry] ? You can easily carry a 12.5cm/125mm long, 6.5cm/65mm wide, and 10ml syringe anywhere, enough to clean a child's nose.

[High quality and EU standards] ? The manufacturing of the fly baby nasal syringe meets quality and European standards (CE certificate), and the tip is made of silicone (very soft), without worrying about damaging the child's nasal cavity. 

[Starting from 6 months] ? As long as you clean it after each use, the nozzle can be reused any number of times. Cleaning: It is easy to use warm water. Don't forget to purchase physiological serum solutions from a pharmacist yourself.

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