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How to find the best wholesalers and suppliers of medical disposable nursing pads in China

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At present, the medical disposable nursing pads on the Chinese market are mainly aimed at three groups of people: infants, pregnant women, and adults. With the changes in the user population, the specifications, functions, constituent materials, and prices of medical nursing pads are different, although, in 2020 Affected by the epidemic, the export volume of China’s medical care pads has not declined, but has maintained a continuous growth trend.

In 2020, the export volume of China’s sanitary products reached 947,900 tons, an increase of more than 100,000 tons over 2019. Among them, the proportion of medical care pads is also gradually increasing. By 2021, the market scale is bound to expand further and reach the million-ton level. If you sell Chinese medical care pads to the United States, Japan, India, Europe, and other countries, you will get huge profits. It is said that it can reach more than 300%. Faced with such large profits, would you choose to join?

The hospital receives all kinds of patients every day. Medical nursing pads are essential sanitary products. When the patient is undergoing surgery, the use of nursing pads can prevent the mattress from getting dirty. In addition, some adult patients cannot control it. Your own urine and feces, the strong absorption of medical nursing pads can absorb the urine and other dirt discharged by the patient.

If you want to buy a lot of medical care pad products, but you can’t find reliable suppliers and wholesalers, then come to China’s care pad market! Here you can get better quality, cheaper price, and more profitable medical care pad products, which can be purchased from China and sold to some countries with relatively developed economies, and you can get more substantial profits.

Why choose a wholesaler or supplier of medical care pads in China?
1. High-quality processing materials

Chinese manufacturers use high-quality polymer materials, high-quality wood pulp, and non-woven fabrics to ensure the strong absorption characteristics of the product and achieve the effect of rapid absorption and prevention of back seepage. Some foreign manufacturers use inferior processing materials, not only the product quality cannot be guaranteed, but the purchase cost is also relatively high.
The medical care pads in the Chinese market are made of high-quality raw materials. Many brand manufacturers have internationally certified invention patents and have their own production and R&D bases. The raw materials they purchase are also from the Fortune 500 and are produced for customers through various R&D patents. Produce better quality medical care pad products.

2. High production efficiency and sufficient production capacity
If you urgently need to order a relatively large amount of medical care pad products, then look for manufacturers and wholesalers with larger production scales. Chinese manufacturers adopt intelligent information management, and a production workshop has multiple automatic dust-free production lines, and the annual output value It can reach the scale of billions.
Therefore, Chinese manufacturers can satisfy orders for products with a large number of orders, guarantee the delivery time, and will never have insufficient product supply or delayed delivery. There are many well-known brands of nursing pads in China, and customers have more choices. .

3. High hygienic standards, qualified quality inspection
Because this product is used in a special environment, the hygienic standards of medical nursing pads are also relatively high. Not only need to strictly select processing materials, but also perform quality inspection and analysis for processed products. Chinese manufacturers can provide customers with various hygienic standards and qualifications. Certificate to ensure the medical-grade quality of nursing pads.

4. Complete categories and wide application range
Although medical institutions have a relatively large demand for medical nursing pads, their use scenarios are different. Some are for surgical patients, and some are for maternal and infant user groups. The specifications and sizes required by different groups of people are also different, and different types The absorption characteristics of the product and the use environment are different.
Chinese suppliers provide customers with a variety of specifications and types of medical nursing pads, which are suitable for many scenarios such as hospitals, health centers, nursing institutions, and medical places. There are also medical nursing pads for specific users: such as infants, pregnant women, and adults. And other user groups.

How to find a suitable wholesaler or supplier of medical nursing pads? Please follow the steps below to find
1. Select powerful brands

As the market for sanitary products is relatively large, China has a lot of suppliers and wholesalers. Some manufacturers have smaller companies and their production efficiency will be limited. So you need to select strong brand vendors. These suppliers The strength of the company is stronger, the scale of the company will be larger, and the number of medical care pads sold to the Chinese mainland, Japan, and the United States will also be larger.
People will feel more at ease using products produced by well-known brands, and big brands will be trusted by consumers. The quality and production efficiency of medical care pads will be guaranteed. From customer consultation on product information to order purchase, to supplier production, Each process of packaging, transportation, and delivery is strictly controlled to ensure delivery within the time limit required by the customer.

2. Consult the order price
If you want to get more sales profits, you should reduce your ordering costs while ensuring product quality. After comparing the average market price, if the supplier’s quotation is higher, your profit will decrease, so Finding a wholesaler with a reasonable price is also a very critical step.
There are many suppliers of medical care pads in China, and these manufacturers not only produce this kind of product, sometimes the order quantity of customers is large, so the single-piece purchase cost will also be reduced. Some brands of products are of high quality, but the price is slightly more expensive. , Then you can take the route of high-quality products and sell these higher-quality medical care pads to user groups with higher consumption levels in the world.

3. Ensure medical quality
The hierarchical structure, processing raw materials, water absorption performance, leak-proof bottom film, and sanitary standards of medical care pads will all affect the quality of the product. It is also important to check the quality of the products provided by the supplier. Customers can ask the manufacturer for samples and make some samples. Test experiment.
Customers can perform water absorption tests, leak-proof tests, and sanitary standard evaluations on medical nursing pads, and check whether the internal materials meet the health and quality requirements. The requirements for medical products will be relatively high. Customers should also choose products from different suppliers. Test again to ensure medical quality. All test results are in line with national standards, and the supplier’s certificates are complete, so you can purchase with confidence.

4. Field visits
In order to win the trust of customers, Chinese suppliers can arrange customer visits to factories to observe whether the production methods and environmental sanitation of the production line meet the requirements. The semi-finished products processed in each process can be inspected, or they can go directly to the factory. Exhibition hall to watch various types of finished products.
In the manufacturing workshop of medical nursing pads, a dust-free operation must be implemented. The workshop is also equipped with professional dust collector equipment. Workers must wear masks and PVC gloves and wear special work clothes to avoid bacteria and dust on the products. , The entire production process needs to be unified and standardized.

Next, I will show you how to find wholesalers and suppliers of medical care pads in China.
1. Authoritative website search

Google is one of the most used search engines and the most authoritative website in the world. Enter the medical care pad in the search box and you can see many Chinese suppliers. Click on the manufacturer’s website to see the product introduction information, including the product structure. , Optional specifications, the scope of application, and detailed product information of the manufacturer. If you encounter problems, you can also communicate with the online customer service of the website.

2. Recommended by industry insiders
There are many experienced sellers and purchasers in this industry. These people fully understand the supplier information of medical care pads in China, so you can find people in the industry. The premise is business partners or acquaintances. If you are in a competitive position, Then don’t trust others easily. After all, this industry is highly profitable, and many people simply don’t want to give such a good opportunity to others.

3. High-quality supplier catalog
Although the above search methods can allow you to find a lot of Chinese medical care pad suppliers, these methods still require more time and effort. If you are ahead of others, they may occupy a larger market share. It is very difficult to get a large profit from it.
Our company spends more time and energy to sort out the data and information of various brand suppliers in the Chinese nursing pad industry, and conduct on-site inspections and inspections of multiple manufacturers to ensure the quality and quality of the products, and sincerely provide customers with high-quality medical products. Directory of Nursing Pad Suppliers.

We provide buyers with different user groups of medical disposable nursing pads suppliers and wholesalers, namely:
1. Baby nursing pad

This type of medical nursing pad has relatively small specifications, mainly for newborn babies. Newborns are temporarily unable to control their urination and defecation, so it is necessary to lay a nursing pad under the body to prevent dirt such as urine from getting dirty. In addition to bedding and mattresses, the Chinese Kaili brand mainly sells medical and sanitary products for babies and maternity and has been recognized by consumers for a time.

2. Maternal Nursing Pad
Then this type of medical nursing pad is aimed at postpartum women. The specifications of this product are larger than the previous one, and the water absorption capacity and anti-leakage characteristics will be higher. Sometimes postpartum women will discharge a large amount unconsciously. Lochia or blood should be absorbed and treated with medical maternal nursing pads at this time.

3. Adult nursing pad
Some adult patients may not be able to control their urine and bowels or are physiologically uncoordinated, and then urination and defecation are not controlled. This kind of adult-type nursing pads will be more demanding, such as Cotton Era, Leyou, Pigeon and Chinese Medicine Saga Pharmacy are all top-ranked Chinese brands.

Final words:
The applicable groups of medical nursing pads not only include the above-mentioned people, but these products are also suitable for a variety of environments. With the continuous development of the medical level of various countries in the world, the demand for medical nursing pads in hospitals, health care places, and medical institutions is increasing year by year. For such a huge global demand market, don’t miss such a good opportunity. We provide customers with a catalog of high-quality medical care pad suppliers in China so that you can seize the opportunity ahead of others.

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Which supplier of medical nursing pads would you choose from this guide?
Which type of medical nursing pad do you want to order in bulk?
Don’t hesitate anymore! Our supplier catalog is internal information. The above is just a brief introduction. Don’t miss this opportunity. With this information, you can preemptively occupy a larger market share and bring you greater profits. Don’t wait any longer. Now, come and get a more detailed catalog of high-quality suppliers!

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