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10ml Baby Nasal Syringe Irrigator Nasal Aspirator Nose Cleaner Rhinitis Washer Seringue Nasale mouche bebe Wholesale Supplier

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Your baby needs daily nasal hygiene to prevent illnesses and infections that he can catch from bacteria in his nasal cavities.

But since the little one cannot yet blow his nose on his own, you must clean his nose using the accessories indicated for this purpose. For a baby's daily nose wash and even during a cold, use the baby nose syringe.


The baby aspirator syringe is an alternative to manual and electric baby aspirators as well as single-dose physiological serums.

This device is recommended for effectively evacuating nasal secretions that clog baby's nose. It also helps get rid of all kinds of impurities, dust, pollution and all other irritating particles accumulated in baby's nasal passages.

Used with a saline or physiological solution, the nasal syringe ensures humidification of the nasal mucosa and fluidification of mucus.

This avoids irritating the mucous membranes and evacuates secretions gently. The use of the baby nose syringe facilitates the days and nights of the baby with a cold by simplifying breathing and reducing nasal congestion.


Before washing your nose, make sure you have everything you need on hand: baby fly syringe, physiological solution, handkerchief or towel.

Then choose the right position that will make you and your child comfortable when injecting the serum. For babies under 6 months, you should always blow their nose in a lying position with their head turned to the side.

When your baby is older and able to support his head on his own, you can sit him on a table, back against you and slightly leaning forward to wash his nose.

Once you are well positioned, start by filling the syringe with physiological solution. Then gently insert the tip into the nostril. Push the plunger of the syringe to inject the solution. You don't have to plug the other nostril or close baby's mouth when using this simple device.

Repeat this operation on the same nostril until there are no more secretions before moving on to the second nostril. Then, turn the baby on its other side. You can use a tissue to wipe away nasal secretions.

Preferably, wash your child's nose before meals, after bathing and before sleeping.


The nasal syringe can be used for nasal care of babies from 4 months old and children who are still unable to blow their nose properly and independently.


In a baby with a cold and severe nasal congestion, you can use the baby nose syringe up to 6 times a day to ensure that your baby can breathe properly and comfortably.

During the hay fever and winter season, even if baby does not have a cold, you can wash your nose 2 to 4 times a day for good nasal hygiene. In summer, this cleaning can be done twice a day.


It is possible to make your own saline solution to use with your baby nasal aspirator syringe with sterilized water, baking soda and table salt. However, you can find a physiological solution in a bottle already ready to use in pharmacies.

You just have to pour the serum into a sterilized container and then suck it up easily with the syringe before washing.


The nasal syringes available on the market differ mainly in their material of manufacture and their size. You can indeed find baby nose syringes in plastic or glass with or without graduation. There are also models, of variable sizes and diameters.


To make washing your baby's nose as comfortable for him as for you, use a baby nose syringe with a silicone tip and a rounded tip.

Supple and soft, this material is more pleasant for his nose and obviously less irritating for his nasal mucous membranes. Its rounded tip gives the possibility of not hurting your child and offering him maximum comfort. Silicone is also easier to clean and disinfect.

Also, make sure your syringe has an ergonomic handle and an injection system that slides easily.

Better handling allows you to ensure the nasal cleaning of the baby.

About this baby nasal syringe product

The syringe nose irrigator is an effective solution for cleaning a baby's nose. The syringe can be used with either physiological saline solution or a saline solution suitable for nasal hygiene. This technique is primarily suitable for daily nose washing as it helps remove impurities, allergens, dust, pollution particles, and other potentially irritating agents from the nasal cavities. Additionally, it promotes proper humidification of the nasal mucosa, ensuring respiratory comfort and reducing the likelihood of the baby catching a cold, especially during cold seasons. Usage tips: Before the first use, clean the baby's nose with soap and water, and then soak it for at least 3 minutes in boiling water. Regularly disinfect the baby's nose in this way.

Fill the syringe with physiological serum, then put the child in a lying position on their side. Gently insert the tip of the syringe at the entrance to the nostril (ensuring its head is on the side), and then push the plunger to release the product into the upper nostril. Repeat the same process for the other nostril. Do not hesitate to watch tutorials on the internet or refer to the second photo for more guidance.

Alternative to the baby fly and physiological saline in single doses, the baby fly syringes make it possible to carry out a nose wash that is both gentle and effective for toddlers.


The syringe nose wash is an effective solution for cleaning baby's nose. The syringe is used with physiological serum in a bottle, or with a saline solution suitable for nasal hygiene.

This technique is primarily suitable for daily nose washing. It rids the nasal cavities of impurities, allergens, dust, pollution particles and any other potentially irritating agent for baby's nose. This also ensures good humidification of the nasal mucosa, helps maintain respiratory comfort and prevents you from finding yourself too often with a baby with a cold at home, especially during cold seasons.

Washing the baby's nose with a syringe filled with physiological serum or saline solution is also strongly recommended to relieve a baby with a cold. Indeed, this promotes the fluidification of nasal secretions, which are evacuated more easily. Syringing baby's nose helps reduce nasal congestion, making it easier to breathe, for better days and nights. The child can then eat and drink without being bothered by his stuffy nose.


The kit offered on our online pharmacy contains 2 graduated syringes that can contain up to 10 ml of physiological serum or saline solution. 2 silicone tips are provided, guaranteeing safe and gentle nose washing for the child. Washable and reusable, the syringe is an ecological and economical solution, especially when you have to blow your baby's nose regularly.

If the syringe method for cleaning baby's nose can be accompanied by some apprehension during the first uses, you will very quickly be perfectly at ease and washing your toddler's nose will no longer be a source of concern. .

Presentation offered on our online pharmacy: Pack of 2 graduated syringes with their silicone tips


It is possible to use this nasal syringe for washing the nose from the age of 4 months.

Start by filling the syringes with saline or saline solution. Then, to be able to blow your baby's nose effectively, install it correctly. Before 6 months, choose the lying position, head turned to the side. Gently insert the silicone tip at the entrance to the nostril and push the plunger of the syringe to inject the product into the upper nostril. Do the same for the second nostril, turning the baby's head to the other side. With this method, it is not necessary to close the child's mouth.

When baby is older, sit him on a stable surface, back against you, leaning slightly forward. You can stand in front of a mirror to make sure you are in the right position. Do not hesitate to wrap baby in a towel so that he does not get wet. You can then perform the nose wash by injecting the product into the nostrils.

Use a tissue to wipe away nasal secretions that have passed, and clean the syringe and tip after each use.

If necessary, especially in the case of a blocked nose, it is possible to use several syringes for the same nostril in order to eliminate all the accumulated secretions. In a baby with a cold and severe nasal congestion, you can wash the nose with a syringe up to 6 times a day, especially before meals and during sleep. In winter, a period particularly conducive to the circulation of viruses, we recommend that you blow your baby's nose 2 to 4 times a day. In summer, 1 to 2 nose washes are usually enough to maintain good nasal hygiene.

About the features.

Make your baby breathe better: Does your baby have a stuffy nose, restricted breathing, difficulty eating and sleeping? Our nasal syringes are here to provide relief for your child. It can inhale nasal secretions or inject physiological serum to alleviate congestion in the baby's nose. Our Nasal irrigation can be used to clean and dredge children's nasal cavity.

?  Materials that meet the standards: Our baby nasal syringe is safe for your child's health. 

This is a Nasal irrigation made of safe medical materials. The plastic used does not contain bisphenol A (BPA free) and Phthalic acid, so it is safe for children and infants. The silicone tip can be cleaned multiple times and reused. With this nasal syringe, you will enjoy the process of clearing the sinuses.

?  Pleasant use: This baby fly is very enjoyable to use. This nasal cleanser provides a relaxed feeling without burns or stings. Use high-quality silicone nasal nozzles to soften the use of nasal syringes. Polypropylene syringes are also environmentally friendly and non-toxic, suitable for all age groups. After cleaning, simply tighten the nasal nozzle to reuse it.

?  Easy to store and carry: Irrigation syringes are easy to store and put into your bag. You can carry it with you, and even put a tool kit in your child's bag for going out and traveling. For parents whose children often have stuffy noses, this is a perfect tool. Carry it with you, it's not bulky and will be of great help to you every day.

?  Risk free purchase: A set of 2 syringes and 10 milliliters of portable high-quality silicone nasal suction nozzle, easy to use. It is absolutely safe for infants and can be used safely by children. You can use one of the syringes and its tip, and keep the second syringe to prevent loss. Enjoy fast and safe order delivery. We do our best to ensure that you have a good experience with our products..

About the silicone tips for syringes

High-quality silicone nasal aspirator tips and environmentally-friendly injection syringes are used for the Baby Nose Pipette. They are BPA-free, non-toxic, and tasteless, making them absolutely safe for babies and children to use. The tip of the 10ml syringe is soft and flexible, providing protection to the nostrils and making it suitable for infants and young children. The mouthpiece of the Baby Nose adaptor is detachable, making it very easy to clean and reusable after cleaning. Using the nose cleaner can help alleviate your worries, as it allows for a more comfortable experience for the baby without struggling and crying. Compared to electric nasal aspirators, the manual nasal aspirator is lighter, smaller, and easier to store and carry.

About the product parameter

Composition:   Plastic syringe, BPA free  Silicone mouthpiece

Product Name: Nasal Aspirator

Material: Silicone Head + PP tube

Specifications: 1Set = 2PCS      1PCS=OPP Package

The OEM of this product is produced by Guangzhou Kerlyon Medical Co., Ltd. from China. If you have purchasing needs, please contact the email [email protected]

Babies and young children are not able to effectively blow their nose, especially during a cold, which can lead to a buildup of nasal secretions in their nasal passages. This can increase the risk of complications such as otitis media. To prevent these complications, improve the child's comfort (especially during feeding and sleep), and reduce the frequency and duration of colds, nasal hygiene is important. You can clean the nasal passages using a saline solution, which can be obtained from a pharmacy or made at home. If you choose to use a reusable irrigation device, make sure to clean it thoroughly after each use to avoid contamination. Additionally, it is important to note that the device should only be used by one person. The recommended frequency of nasal cleansing depends on the age of the child, the season, and whether the child has a cold or congestion. The following are the recommendations from the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center: - Children under 3 years old who are unable to effectively blow their nose: - Summer: 2 times a day. - Winter: 4 times a day. - If cold or nasal congestion: 5 to 6 times a day. - Children over 3 years old who are unable to effectively blow their nose: - Summer: 1 time per day. - Winter: 2 times a day. - If cold or nasal congestion: 3 to 4 times a day. Here are the steps for nasal cleansing in babies: 1. Lay the baby on one side. 2. Place a towel beneath the baby's nose. 3. Flush the nostril facing upwards with the entire contents of a syringe. 4. Use a syringe with: - 3 mL for a baby 1 month or younger. - 5 mL for a baby around 6 months old. - 10 mL for a baby of about 12 months. 5. Repeat in the same nostril if there are still secretions. 6. Repeat the same steps in the other nostril after turning the baby to the other side. If you prefer to make your own saline solution, it is important to follow the specified quantities: - Salt (NaCl): 10 mL (2 teaspoons). - Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda): 2.5 mL (½ teaspoon). - Sterile or boiled and lukewarm water: 1000 mL (4 cups). The homemade saline solution can be stored for up to 7 days in the refrigerator or for 24 hours at room temperature in an airtight glass container. Adjust the temperature of the solution to lukewarm to avoid any discomfort during irrigation. Lastly, remember that something as simple as frequent hand washing greatly reduces the risk of transmission of most contagious diseases.

Usage tips

1. Open the package and remove the silicone syringe and nasal cleansing head.

2. Saline (called normal saline) is drawn into a syringe.

3. Hold the syringe in your hand and insert the tip of the nasal aspirator into the nasal cavity; Bend your head slightly forward, open your mouth and squeeze out the saline solution.

4. After rinsing, use a paper towel to dry off the liquid.

❤️ Specially adapted for the little ones, mouche-bébé has a round and ergonomic tip designed to clean their nose without risk of injury。

 Material: Silicone Plastic

Capacity: 10ml

Color: Clear

Storage: store in a cool, dry and ventilated place

package including

1 box includes 2 syringes

Note:The number marked on the needle of the latest product has been reduced. But the capacity, quality, material design, etc. are exactly the same as before. 


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