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baby nasal irrigation

Wholesale OEM Baby Nose Syringe - Set of 4 baby fly syringes+1 manual baby fly cleaning brush provided - Soft baby fly tip for painless nose cleaning

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About this article

? Exercise: This set of 4 baby flies is made of high-quality, BPA free ultra soft silicone, which is absolutely safe for infants. Children can safely use nasal syringes. Essential products in the care package!

✅ Safe soft suction nozzle, designed specifically for cleaning baby noses, with no risk of injury. End the fear of babies! Suitable for infants and young children.

? Simply and effectively inhale physiological serum into the syringe. Have the child sit their head slightly forward. Place the tip into the nasal cavity. Press the plunger of the syringe to allow the pressure to discharge the mucus. Remove the tip of the nose.

? The tip of the sanitary nasal syringe is detachable and easy to clean due to the provision of a cleaning brush. Syringes and needles can be reused.

Our graded nasal syringe kit is a complete set that will completely change your daily life!

The baby fly syringe allows you to easily clean your child's nose. The piston pressure is controlled and will immediately relieve your child.

The ultra soft silicone tip will never harm your child's nostrils. They allow for gentle and easy entry into the nasal cavity for optimal cleaning, helping your child return to normal activity and high-quality sleep!

Our nasal syringes are made of completely safe materials and do not contain BPA.

Compared to electric or manual nasal vacuum cleaners, young children are less concerned about using a syringe for cleaning. Unlocking a baby's nose will become a game for children!

Flying baby is essential on your baby's birth list!

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