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baby nasal irrigation

OEM baby nasal syringe BPA Free 10ml baby nasal wash - baby nasal wash fly baby syringe and silicone tip+shipping kit. Infant Nasal irrigation. (5 pieces)

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High quality and durability: This baby nasal syringe is made of environmentally friendly materials that do not contain BPA, meeting national health and safety inspections and FDA standards. In addition, the suction tip is made of high-quality silicone, so babies will not have allergic reactions.

Different color combinations: Unlike the most transparent baby nasal syringes on the market, we combine all four colors together for easy differentiation. Bright colors make babies more active in cleaning their noses.

Soothing Nose Cleaning: Our Bebe Seringu is an ideal choice for cleaning baby's nasal cavity, removing mucus, providing soft and fresh breathing, and promoting nasal cleaning.

Baby care considerations: The Mouche Bebe syringe can adjust pressure based on the degree of "filling" of the nose, causing more howling, especially the irritation of the pipette on the nose. After cleaning the baby's nose, clean the baby's nasal plug with water, then place it in boiling water and disinfect it regularly.

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