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baby nasal irrigation

Wholesale 4-piece baby nasal syringe, baby fly, portable Nasal irrigation syringe with reusable silicone tip and baby care kit

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The baby nasal syringe uses a soft, safer, and softer silicone material to fully protect the baby's fragile nasal cavity during the cleaning process.

【 Baby friendly design 】 The baby fly syringe adopts a syringe design, which can control pressure and evenly flow water through the nostrils to prevent discomfort.

Easy to store and clean: Lightweight, small in size, easy to store and transport. The fly baby syringe can be reused by simply rinsing with water.

【 Rich accessories 】 Includes: 4 * syringes+1 * cleaning brushes+1 * nasal swabs. The baby nose cleaning syringe is suitable for various usage scenarios, so your baby's daily nose receives better care and cleaning.

[Quality Assurance] Each of our Nezpirators is subject to strict quality control during the manufacturing process. If you have any questions or suggestions about our products,

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