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baby nasal irrigation

Bebe Fly Baby Nose Syringe 10ml | Set of 2 syringes+2 silicone tips+1 nasal care+1 cleaning brush

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Stop pressure when washing your nose: With our kit, your child's nose cleaning will no longer be a tense moment. Does your baby have a blocked nose, difficulty breathing, drinking water, and sleeping? Our reagent kit can inhale nasal secretions and also be used to inject physiological serum to clear baby's nostrils. Our Nasal irrigation can be used to clean and relieve congestion in your baby's nostrils.

? Maximum efficiency: An easy-to-use nasal syringe effectively reduces the risk of infection by ensuring perfect hygiene. Comfortable and reusable, it can easily flush children's nose to reduce the risk of allergies such as pollen, Otitis media or Sinusitis. Use saline and Nasal irrigation to easily and quickly remove secretions from your child's nose. Colorful syringes will comfort your child. 

✋ Farewell to inappropriate pipettes: Do not use serum pipettes to risk nasal irritation. With its revolutionary design, our tip perfectly fits the shape of children and protects them from common abuse by baby flies. Our nozzles do not contain BPA and comply with the strictest French regulations, providing unparalleled comfort and safety (+1 brush cleaning nozzle), achieving clean, residue free, and safe reuse.

? Easy to store and transport: Syringes and their small packaging boxes can be easily stored and placed in kits. You can carry it with you, and even keep a tool kit in your child's bag for day care, outings, and travel. For parents whose children often have stuffy noses, this is a perfect tool. Carry it with you, it's not bulky and will be of great help to you every day.

? Compliant materials: Our baby nasal syringe is safe for your child's health. This is a Nasal irrigation made of safe medical materials. The plastic used does not contain bisphenol A (BPA free) and Phthalic acid, so it is very safe for children and infants. The silicone tip can be cleaned multiple times and reused. With this nasal syringe, you will enjoy the process of clearing the sinuses. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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