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baby nasal irrigation

Infant Nasal irrigation, 10ml Nasal irrigation syringe, nasal cleaner with cleanable and reusable silicone nasal suction nozzle, safe nasal cleaner

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[Safety material]: The infant Nasal irrigation uses high-quality environment-friendly silicone syringe and environment-friendly injection needle, which are non-toxic and tasteless, absolutely safe for infants, and children can use it with confidence. The silicone tip has a soft and comfortable touch, soothing and smoothing the nasal cavity of young children.

[Easy to use]: Open the packaging and remove the syringe and silicone nasal soap. Inhale the adjusted saline solution into the syringe. Simply unscrew the nasal nozzle again to reuse it. Silicone nasal suction nozzles and portable syringes can make it easier to extract nasal mucus from the noses of young girls or boys.

[Easy to store and carry]: The nose pad is 12 centimeters long and weighs 15 grams. It can be easily carried and helps children breathe smoothly at any time.

【 Deep cleaning 】: The baby nasal syringe will not suffocate water. Pressure is controllable, water flow is uniform, and the syringe design avoids pressure imbalance. The water in the nasal basin gently flows through the nostrils, evenly flowing, soothing and smoothing the child's nasal cavity.

Our nasal flushing manual can be used to clean and care for children's nasal passages, flush blocked nasal passages with runny nose, care for and clean nasal passages that inhale dust, and help children breathe gently.


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