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Factory Wholesale Medical Use Intramuscular Venipuncture Injection training pad for Practice Training

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3 layers silicone human skin venipuncture IV injection training pad suture practice  model Intramuscular for nurse

 Venipuncture IV Injection Training Pad Model made of food grade silica gel. It is non-toxic and healthy. The most important points are that it is cycle use and portable.


The IV Injection Training Pad Model can replaced a real person to practice, helped your injection training full of happiness and safety.


There are three layers, representing skin, fat, and muscle, with four vessels of two differences diameter. The training pad model can used for Venipuncture IV Injection, Infusion training, Blood transfusion, drawing blood and so on.


The texture of skin is life-like, and the feelings of vessels and injecting are so real as if it is a real person. The training pad model can take injection over and over again without noticeable marks.

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